Random Acts of Beauty

The idea for Random Acts of Beauty came to us from The West Trenton Garden Club of New Jersey. It is a wonderful way to make our community aware of our existence and purpose. This award is given to residents of our town or area who have colorful and attractive flowers in their front or side yard that are visible to the public. This award is a way to encourage pride in their flower garden as well as civic pride in the community. We troll the area and investigate the front and side yards for nominees of this award. Our nominees receive a congratulatory letter and a letter describing our garden club’s activities and inviting them to attend a meeting. The nominees also receive a certificate acclaiming their landscape beauty efforts and an offer to have our Garden Club Award sign (photo top right) planted in their yard. 

If you would like to recommend a York County garden, please go to the Contact Us and complete the form.

This is the property at 585 Trinity Road.

585 Trinity Road 6
585 Trinity Road 1

The property at 1315 Brittany Drive.

1315 Brittany Drive 3
1315 Brittany Dr 1

A garden at 2572 Greensprings.

2572 Greensprings 2
2572 Greensprings 1

This is the property at 3080 Persimmon Road.

3080 Persimmon Road 2