Jeremy's Garden

The Horticultural Therapy Committee beginning in 2013 partnered with Jessica & Friends Community to use plants and horticultural activities to foster socialization, education, and physical exercise as well as an overall feeling of well-being while tending the garden.  J&F is a faith-based organization which has 9 group homes and two day only facilities servicing adults with disabilities.  They also run a caregiver-support ministry with a respite/retreat property.


Prior to 2021 we had five raised beds at the York day facility and gardened with the participants from April through October.  Beginning 2021 when James Srour retired, he requested that the gardens be moved to his property on Indian Rock Dam Rd.  His son, Jeremy, is a member of J&F Community.  We agreed and that is how Jeremy’s Garden began.


Mr. Srour and friends built eight 30” high raised beds and 6 large containers were also placed in the garden.  Our committee made a plan for the season and met every Tuesday and Thursday (weather permitting).  Our participants come from both the Hanover & York day facilities We grow vegetables, flowers and herbs which are given to our participants to utilize at their facilities.  We also partner with Miller’s Plant farm nearby who donate cut flowers which we use, along with our flowers, to make up arrangements for our participants to deliver to the group homes.