Hanging Baskets and Containers in York City

“Summer in the City”

The hanging basket project of The Garden Club of York

This year the baskets will be arriving on May 11, 2021. Rain date May 14, 2021.

 The Hanging Baskets are focal points when traveling through downtown York. They are overflowing with greenery and color that beautify our city. We are very proud of this project that began in 2000 when 4 baskets were hung on the corners of Continental Square. Members of the garden club planted the baskets and city workers installed them on the 4 lamp posts.  The number of baskets has grown every year since and this year, in 2021, we will hang 240 baskets on  George Street, Market Street, Philadelphia Street, King Street, Cherry Lane and the 3 bridges over the Codorus.

In 2005, a campaign called “Summer in the City” was begun to appeal to businesses and individuals to sponsor hanging baskets at a cost of $250 each. In 2005 we had increased the baskets to cover all the available lamp posts in the square and the first few blocks of George Street, a total of 36 baskets.

In 2008, through donations from the community, we established the Baskets of York Endowment Fund at York County Community Foundation. The purpose of this endowment is to fund the baskets in perpetuity. But with our ever increasing number of baskets, the proceeds of the Fund only cover about half of the expenses.  We rely heavily on the support of individuals and businesses to make up the difference.

Anyone can sponsor a basket. The purchase of a hanging basket is a great way to show your support for the City of York and its beautification, to honor someone special, or to memorialize a loved one. With each basket sponsored, comes a hang tag. These hangtags identify the sponsor and the special person being honored. The cost to sponsor a basket is still $250. This covers its purchase and planting, delivery, installation, daily watering and fertilizing, throughout spring, summer, and fall.

How to Support

Donations to support York’s hanging baskets are welcome in ALL amounts. Donations can be made by check or credit using the appropriate button below.

Alternately, tax deductible contributions may be made directly to the York County Community Foundation’s Hanging Baskets of York Endowment Fund. You may contact YCCF at (717) 848-7377.

York’s Street Containers A partnership between Downtown Inc. and Garden Club of York

In 2015 The Garden Club was approached by Downtown Inc. with an idea — A partnership with the Garden Club to plant and maintain their 92 street containers that are located around the city. Garden Club enthusiastically agreed. Most of them we planted with English boxwoods. Each spring we plant flowers around the outside of each boxwood. There are 11 artistic metal containers on Beaver Street that we plant with flowers. We also plant the 8 large containers in front of the Judicial Center on N. George St.

All these containers are planted by garden club members and friends on the same day, in mid-May, that the hanging baskets arrive from the grower. Anyone interested in helping to plant the flowers in the containers, which this year will be May 11 (rain date May 14) should contact Christy Chiaro, who is coordinating the planting effort, at christychiaro@soldonyork.com.

Garden Club also decorates the corners of Continental Square for fall with pumpkins, cabbages and mums. For the holiday season, we fill the containers with fresh greens and berries and branches.