Garden Club of York’s Youth Gardening

Our focus is to Inspire Kids…One Seed at a Time, bringing the joy and knowledge of gardening to the younger members of the York community. We are developing and leading workshops for Girl Scouts, bringing fun and educational programs to kids at summer camp, and providing Kid’s Gardening Kits to Martin Library for kids and parents to take home and explore gardening with their families. In the near future we are looking forward to working alongside young gardeners as we plan and plant a garden right here in our community!

We invite you to check out fun projects and activities at our Young Gardener’s Corner on our website. Look there for events to attend and things to learn!

Gardening is Fun for All Ages…Join In!

Young Gardener’s Corner

Fun Things to Do at Home:

We Invite you to:  #playoutside

25 Great Craft Projects To Try Using Things You Find in Nature



2023 GCFP Youth Poetry Contest I Spy with My Little Eye-Something Green Outside Celebrating Our Green World winners.

1st place winner Grade 3- Devin Moyer
My Grandma’s Herb Garden

I spy with my little eye

something green that can be seen.

It lives outside and cannot hide.

In it you can find

Basil, Chives, Parsley,

Thyme, Sage, Rosemary,

Cilantro and Oregano.

What is it?

My grandma’s herb garden!


2nd place winner Grade 7 Liesel Jean Tenhaeff


I spy with my little eye something green outside.

This green is not a bean.

So, what does this mean?

If it is not a bean, definitely not a weed.

Could it be a little green seed?

Maybe! Hopefully!

Though sadly, it’s not.

It’s a plant that’s fought.

It’s fought through winter, summer, and fall.

You’ve waited enough.

You’ve made calls and went through fall.

This time it was the memories made.

The love saved.

In this very special place – a place outside with a tree so wide.

It’s the place that I call home.