Has the Garden Club of York always sponsored the hanging baskets?

Yes. The idea to beautify the City of York with hanging baskets began as an idea of the Civic Development Committee to add color to Continental Square by hanging baskets on the 4 light posts on Market Street at the intersection of Market and George.

What are the tags hanging from the baskets?

A basket can be purchased in memory of, or in honor of, someone special. The name of that person is on the tag. The tag on a basket can also identify the person or business who sponsors it. The baskets in Continental Square are dedicated to the founders of the Baskets of York Endowment Fund and their names appear every year.

How long has the Garden Club been involved with the hanging baskets?

The project began in 2001.

How many hanging baskets are there?

In the year 2017 there are 200 baskets.

Who waters the baskets and how often are they watered?

The baskets are watered very early every morning by Trump Landscaping. It takes about 4 hours. The water has plant nutrients in it to keep the flowers healthy and colorful.

Who actually hangs the baskets?

The baskets are hung by city employees.

Where do the hanging baskets come from?

Henrys’ Farm and Greenhouses in Holtwood, PA is our 2018 supplier.

When are the baskets hung?

The baskets are hung in early May, after any possibility of frost. This usually occurs right before Mother’s Day.

Can I sponsor a basket to be placed in front of my downtown business?

At present, the baskets are hung on the decorative street lamps and on specially designed poles where no street lamps are present. We are always interested in adding to the basket locations and are willing to look at your location to see if it is possible.

Who decided what flowers will be used in the baskets?

Several members of the Civic Development Committee get together each fall with the supplier to decide on the flowers to be used the following year.